Are you trying to stay within a specific budget and looking for the most economical option? Are there many people in your group, including the younger ones? Perhaps a quicker pickup and drop-off is a higher priority. Is there a car rental company you trust and always book with? If it's not available, you'll need to have a plan B. Visit for more about car rental. Remember that some daily rates may be cheaper than others. Business people tend to travel on Mondays and Fridays, so prices can inflate. If you are able to book for half the week, you may find an off-airport offer so good that you can't refuse it. However, if you are traveling to a more suitable place for the weekend (e.g. Queenstown), apply the opposite concept. Off-airport locations often have an impressive supply of affordable cars available. Although the option of a small car may not be your first choice, these vehicles are often reliable and value for money, so don't dismiss the idea.

Compare top rental brands and save money

In the particularly competitive car rental sector, airport rental is a multi-billion dollar business. From the largest airports in major destinations such as Sydney, London and Singapore, to the smallest regional terminals around the globe, there are hundreds of brands competing to have you as a customer. It's not just big brands like Hertz and Budget, but there are local companies with booking opportunities outside the airports. This basically means that you would have to travel (usually via a shuttle service) to pick up your rental cars. On average this would take between 5 and 15 minutes, although sometimes it varies. The main advantage of this process is that you will often be able to find better deals online. Airport Rentals even has a filtering option, where you can select a pickup of your rental car from the airport itself, or opt for a shuttle to the warehouse. More experienced travellers know that they can save a lot of money if you are prepared to be flexible and make a short extra trip. Sometimes the office is even on the way to the city centre, so you are headed in the right direction anyway.

What's best for you? Consider all angles of your rental car

Well-established car rental brands have offices and warehouses at airports. However, they are subject to a number of taxes that can make their offers more expensive: it's a simple fact. Now, if you travel with children and have flown a long distance, wouldn't you rather pick up your keys at the airport and take the wheel? Perhaps your flight has been delayed and is already behind schedule, resulting in higher levels of stress. You may want to pay the additional amount. The office in the terminal is well indicated, with a friendly face behind the counter. This immediate human interaction and repeated confirmation is often a gift from heaven. Also remember: airport rental stores are convenient for shorter reservations or when you don't have a lot of time. If it's a one- or two-day rental, the money savings may not be significant with an off-airport reservation.

The checklist

These are some of the important things to remember about rentals inside and outside the airport: Make sure you have printed the contact information for the warehouse shuttle service: phone number, email, address, etc. In case you book outside the airport, make sure you have battery in your cell phone and credit when you get off the plane, as you may need to make a call to the shuttle service. But be careful with the international roaming service, where you should make sure you can make a phone call, plus there are few public phones in modern airports. Many warehouses outside the airport have spacious waiting areas and facilities with tea and coffee. If you want to leave the airport, a phone call and a 10-minute wait may be worth it. Larger rental companies offer loyalty programs: be sure to check them out. If you travel by air several times a year, these reward schemes may influence your decision. No matter how you want to travel, let Airport Rentals guide you through your journey.