Have you ever seen the English Royal Family ride in a Jaguar around Windsor and you've been jealous? A sports car of that kind is harder to come by (it is not impossible!), but you don't have to give up the pleasure of driving in London. In addition, a rental car greatly expands your chances of travelling to London without having to rely on public transport (and its high fares and train delays...). Escape the city and its pollution to the peace of Oxford or Cambridge, walk the idyllic Cotswolds and reach Scotland ... Well prepared! Did you know that in London there are up to 5 airports where car rental prices vary greatly? And that one of London's train stations has the cheapest prices? Will you find 'ghost' tolls on your way to London? You can visit getaround.com for more about car hire in London.

Consumer offices where to lodge a complaint if you get a bad service in the UK

If you have any unpleasant or illegal problems or experience with your car hire company in the UK, the logical way is to complain directly to them, but you probably won't get a quick or effective response. If it has been 30 days since you complained to your agency and you have not received a response or satisfaction, there are the European Consumer Centres (ECCs), funded by the European Union. Through your centre in Spain or country of European origin, you can file a lawsuit so that they can prepare the complaints for you and get you a fair deal. There is a claim form online and at the physical offices, and you can also send it by email or post, along with the documentation and invoices for your car hire. If the centre is unable to resolve your case, you are left with the option of arbitration or the courts, which require a large outlay. But you probably won't have to get to this stage: claims for car rentals from European Consumer Centres have risen sharply in recent years and are often resolved favourably - use the help guaranteed by the EU in the UK as long as Brexit allows it!

Have we missed anything on your car hire in the UK?

If you still have questions and doubts about your car hire in England or Scotland, contact us and we will be happy to assist you in a personalised manner and resolve even the slightest doubt.