At the Beijing Motor Show, Audi is presenting a restyled version of its SUV Q5, which is now in its fourth year of existence. As usual at Audi, you need a magnifying glass and before/after photos to see the touch-ups. But the brand with the rings is faithful to its tradition, namely a slight aesthetic update that hides many mechanical changes. Outside, there are many alterations, but they are too discreet to be noticed: new bevelled grille, internal layout of the headlights, slightly different lateral air intakes on the bumper. For the profile and rear of the Q5, the changes are much more anecdotal, such as the subtly updated light structure. Under the hood, Audi has spared no effort with either an update of existing engines or the arrival of new engines, which makes it possible to announce a triumphant 15% drop in fuel consumption across the entire range. Note the final arrival of the hybrid version in the range. Here are all the engines selected: - 2.0L TFSI 225 hp petrol (211 hp previously, 180 hp version disappears) - 270 hp V6 3.0L TFSI petrol (replaces V6 3.2L FSI 272 hp) - diesel 2.0L TDI 150 hp (143 hp previously, only available in 2WD) - diesel 2.0L TDI 190 hp (170 hp previously) - 245 hp V6 3.0L TDI V6 diesel engine (240 hp previously) - hybrid petrol/electricity 2.0L TFSI, 245 hp cumulative power