A breakdown is an unforeseen event that can occur at any time. This can happen when you are at home, on the road or in the country. When your car breaks down, you want to know who to call for a tow. The engine stalls, you run out of gas, a fan belt has broken, you have lost a wheel and your battery is dead. The list of failures related to incidents is long and it is not always easy to deal with them. What to do when you are faced with a car breakdown, and how to find the best solution for transporting a broken-down car?

Do not panic

At the first sign of a car problem, gently release the foot of the accelerator. Do not brake suddenly or abruptly. Manoeuvre your vehicle carefully to the recovery lane or roadside. If you are on a highway, try to reach an exit. Signal your intentions to the drivers behind you. Stay in your vehicle first and seek the help of a company that specializes in transporting broken down vehicles. If you do not have the option to stop, stay where you are and do not leave your vehicle. Attempting to cross a road or highway would be very dangerous and you will be safer if you stay in the car. If you have a car breakdown, click here to benefit from the services of a professional car transport service.

Immediately call a towing service

If you already have a subscription to a professional car assistance service that has broken down, you probably have a sticker with a number to call in case of an emergency. Roadside assistance specialising in car transport, particularly the transport of broken-down professional cars, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of a breakdown, you will be put in contact with the nearest towing company at no charge. If you have a smartphone with you, finding a number shouldn't be a problem. Once off the road, make your car visible. Place reflective triangles behind your vehicle to alert other drivers. Use your emergency indicators. If it is dark, turn on the interior ceiling light. However, when the car is irreparable, it is preferable to use a professional car breakdown service. Do not attempt to report other vehicles. Lift the cover and attach something white to the radio antenna so that users know that help is needed. Do not stand behind or beside your vehicle. If the car is on the road, move away from the vehicle and wait for help to arrive.

Why trust a car repair professional?

Does your vehicle no longer run? Or do you have a flat tire? To help you get out of this impasse, you need to trust a professional who specializes in troubleshooting. The latter is the best suited to help you, even when it comes to transporting professional vehicles. Sometimes, some drivers detect breakdowns themselves and avoid being towed. But in general, many people panic when faced with car breakdowns and get stuck on the road. The professionals have the necessary skills to find a solution for you. They are involved in the field of motor transport. For the safety of your vehicle, they can opt for a car transport by truck. Whether it is any type of vehicle, contacting a tug should be your first option. This reflex not only reassures you but also allows you to benefit from quality services.