You need a car when you get off the plane, to visit a friend or just to take a walk. With car-sharing, it's very simple: owners are always ready to rent you their car. And everyone wins.

Looking for a car for rent

Renting a vehicle couldn't be easier. Start by creating an online account, then download the dedicated application. Many vehicles appear on your smartphone; choose the one closest to you. In some cases, you can unlock the car using your smartphone. In others, you meet the owner of the vehicle, to whom you will give certain documents, such as your driver's licence. Once the rental contract has been signed, all you must do is take the wheel of the car. Depending on the type of vehicle chosen, age and length of licence ownership conditions apply to the driver. In addition, vehicles are covered by specific insurance. Also consider the deductible reductions provided for in some contracts. Finally, it is advisable to check certain points before returning the car. It must be returned to its owner in the same condition in which it was entrusted to you and with an equivalent level of fuel.

Car-sharing: an ideal solution

This rental formula is much more flexible. With your online rental platform, you can find a vehicle when you leave your home. It is no longer necessary to go to a rental office and wait your turn to see the minutes pass. Similarly, when you get off the train or plane, you can go directly to the place where you just spot a car for rent on your smartphone. In addition, your rental platform does not only offer car rental in France. It is also possible to rent a vehicle abroad. The formula is also suitable for business travel. Renting your car, under such conditions, makes it profitable and allows you to earn a significant extra income. For the person who rents, it is the assurance of finding a cheap car rental. This discount car rental is indeed made at very attractive rates, calculated according to the duration that suits you.

Cars for all tastes

Whatever your needs or tastes in terms of cars, there is always a vehicle that is right for you. Car rental between individuals offers a very wide choice of models. Some city dwellers sneak into traffic and park easily. They are perfect for city driving. For longer journeys, and country roads, you may prefer more powerful vehicles, sometimes equipped with driving assistance devices. Some vehicles, spacious and comfortable, are perfect for taking your family for a ride. You can also find, on the platform, cars adapted to the transport of young children. And what about a fully equipped motorhome? It's the guarantee of a great family vacation. Other vehicles are designed to accommodate people with reduced mobility. Why not choose an elegant and convertible model for a romantic stroll? With your application, you can even discover the van that will allow you to transport your moving boxes, without ruining yourself.