Critics of the Aston Martin style are few and far between. Just can we blame the brand for "too much" consistency in its range, with products that are sometimes difficult to distinguish from each other for an untrained eye. However, some designers think they can bring a more personal touch to Gaydon's creations. This is the case with Ugur Sahin Design, which, together with the Gauntlet Concept, is presenting a coachbuilt version of the Aston Martin DB9. On the menu of this designer's dream, we immediately notice the pleated headlights more than usual, the massive grille evoking the Aston Martin One-77 as well as the two air intake grooves framing it. The traditional side scoop is also being redesigned to adopt a shape that is reminiscent of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione. The rear plays with the codes established by the Aston Martin Vanquish and reworked since then. The high exhausts are integrated into the grille and overlook a diffuser. The boomerang headlights evoke the current stern of the English without reproducing it exactly. The receding roof line blends in with the wheel arches in a small spoiler. The whole offers coherence with the brand, without however resembling a vague Photoshop of a current model. Clearly, the Aston Martin Gauntlet may not be to everyone's liking, but it is difficult to dispute that the creation is successful. And this is not surprising, because Ugur Sahin is used to proposals "inspired by". This Turkish designer had already given us a modern vision of the Dino some time ago and still has to build his Corvette Z03 with superb lines. There is little chance of seeing the Aston Martin Gauntlet on the road one day, and that's a shame. However, let's hope that a wealthy owner mandates Ugur Sahin Design to create one based on DB9, as Pininfarina was able to do with the Enzo that became Ferrari P4/5.