There are several reasons why a person may rent a service from a service provider to transport their electric car: breakdown, flat battery, long distance, etc. Today, there are more and more solutions to satisfy all demands.

Transporting an electric car by truck: which formula to choose?

For long distances, transporting an electric vehicle by flatbed truck is the most appropriate choice since the vehicle will be transported from point A to point B in complete safety. By choosing this solution, your car will not take up any kilometres! In addition, you have two options: transport on open trailers: it is not highly recommended, as the risk of damage to the vehicle cannot be ruled out transport in closed trailers: this is the best choice, as the vehicle is protected from damage that could occur during transport However, it should be noted that the price and delivery times vary depending on the size of the trailer and the service provider. In any case, it is strongly recommended to consult a professional to ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Renting a flatbed truck: what are the advantages?

This solution is open to professionals and individuals wishing to transport their electric cars in complete safety. It can be an international or national road transport. The first advantage? Your car is safe even if the truck must travel thousands of kilometres. In addition, you will not need to use the battery during the journey. Moreover, a full battery has a maximum range of 600 km. This requires regular recharging or the use of one or more spare batteries if you are planning a long trip. It is therefore the best alternative for long journeys. In addition, the vehicle will be delivered to your home or the address indicated. However, if you have chosen centre-to-centre transport, your car will be dropped off at the nearest centre. In addition, more and more providers are offering tailor-made services online. This will save you time. No need to travel. With a few clicks, you can close the deal. Similarly, to get an estimate of the cost of the intervention, do not hesitate to do an online simulation. Alternatively, you can also request a quick and no-obligation quote so that you can make a price comparison. To do this, go to the website of a company specializing in vehicle transport and fill out the form.

How to choose a carrier?

You have several alternatives to find a qualified carrier:
  • review online ads
  • ask for help from your surroundings
  • ask the opinion of Internet users
However, it is advisable to outsource the service to a company that can guarantee you on-time delivery at an unbeatable price. But before you decide, find out about the reputation of the professionals you choose. Look at the opinions of previous customers, ask others' opinions in forums, etc. Then ask for 3 to 4 quotes and compare them. Who offers the best price and the most interesting delivery time for the transport of vehicles on a platform? Note: The most expensive service is not necessarily the most prestigious.