The fantastic F12 Berlinetta will have lived 5 years... And its replacement has just been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. So welcome to the 812 Superfast which, of course, raises the bar even higher, and still succeeds in imposing an architecture that passes through anti-pollution standards. End of breed So let's enjoy this Grand Touring sedan, the only one with a front engine at Ferrari, with its atmospheric V12 engine. And let's enjoy it! Because the word "atmospheric" will soon become a dirty word at Ferrari. No choice... Compliance with European anti-pollution standards requires new solutions such as turbocharging (as we have seen with the California T or the GTC4 Lusso) or hybridization (view on the exclusive LaFerrari). Well, that's all talk. 99.9% of us will never can appreciate the benefits of the atmo engine on a vehicle hit by a prancing horse.