Seen from France, it is difficult to imagine that this Aegea project could bring Fiat out of the gloom in which she has been locked for a few years. However, this classic compact sedan with an elegant trunk but without a stamp is an important element in winning back lost market share. Except that this reconquest will not take place on our old European markets, but rather around the Mediterranean (Maghreb, Middle East, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal,), which explains a certain caution in the general conception.

What's up? What's up?

Unveiled at the Istanbul Motor Show, the Aegea is simply the replacement for the Linea, a kind of Fiat Punto trunk that has been sold with some success since 2007. Designed in Italy, the car was designed in Turkey, however, in collaboration with an old Fiat partner: Tofas. Partner who will also oversee production at its Bursa plant. As a result, Turkey will have the first opportunity to market Aegea next November. Then the car will be installed in 40 other markets in the EMEA region in 2016. So, this is what we call a global car, which we can imagine establishing in some Asian or South American markets. If the car's design is elegant and modern enough, we can only regret a certain lack of identity. This car could be Fiat's work, like that of a dark Chinese submarine. A defect that often affects other "global" cars, such as the Peugeot 301 for example, the fault of a desire to please as many people as possible. In any case, it is difficult for the Italian brand to assert itself in categories that it has neglected in order to focus on the 500 monocultures. Let us note an originality: the bossing of the pavilion. Technically, no revolution to expect: two petrol engines, two diesel engines, maximum power of 120 hp, and inside, a typical Fiat dashboard, with a surprisingly small touch screen. These details betray a more economic design, designed to maintain a well-designed selling price for the emerging markets that the car is targeting. dashboard In Brief - designed by FCA Italy - designed by FCA and Tofas (Turkey) - manufactured by Tofas in Turkey, Bursa - sold from November 2015 - availability not expected in France - the name Aegea is not definitive (the name Linea could be maintained) - length 4.50m - width 1.78m - height 1.48m - wheelbase 2.64m - 510-litre trunk - two petrol engines - two MultiJet II diesel engines - power from 95 to 120 hp - manual or automatic gearboxes - UConnect multimedia system with touch screen 5″

And then what?

Rumour has it that this Aegea is being offered in a more sophisticated hatchback version that would be offered on our "old" markets. It is not yet known whether this variant would replace the Punto or the Bravo.