Optimizing driving safety requires proper maintenance of the car's brakes. Replacing brake pads and discs is an essential requirement for safer driving. Brake pads should be changed on average every 20,000 km or every 2 years. By driving regularly on the highway, the pads of a car are changed about every 30,000 km. The technique for finding experienced garages to replace the brake system is to use a quote comparator.

What are the services offered by the garage comparator?

Those looking for affordable rates to change brake pads and discs can find the ideal service provider by using a free dial indicator service. With IDGARAGES, customers will have the advantage of benefiting from the experience of professional partners. The specificity of the partners of the comparator site is that they agree to be transparent about the quality of services. Member garages voluntarily agree to be evaluated by all customers. The site records more than 8,000 reviews published by customers satisfied with their professional appointments. Ask for a quote to benefit from brake pads and discs at the best price.

Carry out a thorough assessment of the braking system

Garage work is not limited to replacing brake discs or pads. The repairer may include in his offer the carrying out of an in-depth assessment of the braking system. This type of inspection considers several elements to be checked such as: brake pedal, brake fluid boiling temperature, brake light, brake light, circuit waterproofing, master cylinder, brake assist, discs, pads, callipers, parking brake, brake corrector, hoses... Whether it is a complete review of the brake system or simply changing some spare parts, it is recommended to use the garages members of the IDGARAGES indicator.

Use a comparator to find the best offers to change the brakes

The owner of Opel Corsa, Nissan Juke, Peugeot 308, Citro├źn C3 or Renault Clio 3 can benefit from a discount via IDGARAGES. With this service, drivers will be able to obtain quotes calculated in real time. The prices displayed by the online comparison service also allow you to take advantage of discounts of up to -40%. Such offers are obtained after negotiations with more than 2500 partner garages. To benefit from a tailor-made service as well as a privileged treatment, you can make a reservation directly on the schedule of the garages.