The UK is one of the European countries where renting a car becomes more expensive. But this depends on many factors: not all offices have the same prices, there is usually more competition and lower prices in airports than in cities or small train stations, and as travel dates approach, prices tend to rise. We recommend that you compare early and book well in advance, to avoid running out of the smallest and cheapest cars on your travel dates.

Is there a Spanish rental company in the UK?

No, there are some well-known Spanish car hire companies with an international network, but to date they have not opened an office on the island of the United Kingdom or Ireland. But if you are interested in renting a car in Spain, you can visit for more information.

Which car insurance is best taken out in the UK? How much do fully comprehensive insurance and excess insurance cost?

We recommend more comprehensive cover on your trip to England, for a number of reasons. As in Britain driving is on the left and you are probably not used to it (or trying it for the first time), you are more at risk of suffering some kind of blow or inappropriate action, and even a small scratch can cost you a fortune if you only have basic insurance. The weather is usually rainy most of the year, and this increases the danger both in the city and when travelling in more rural and rustic areas. Finally, franchises can be quite high in England, and with premium or even fully comprehensive insurance you can reduce or eliminate your franchise and card blocking, so that you travel safer and without worrying about money retained in your account.

Is it possible to pay by debit card or in cash in England?

Yes, most car hire companies accept debit card payment. However, some limitations may apply per card model (MasterCard and Visa are generally accepted, but some companies such as Sixt only accept Visa). Cash payment is permitted at certain offices; contact us if you would like us to investigate on your behalf. Some rentals also ask you to bring proof of your direct debit, such as an invoice (not just your identity card or driving licence).

Can I rent a car in the UK if I am under 25? How much does it cost?

Yes, but each rental company has a different age limit which you can check here. In the UK it is legal to rent from the age of 21, but it only allows you to rent at that age Sixt. At InterRent, Europcar and Keddy rent to people over the age of 22, at Avis, Budget and Hertz from the age of 23, and at Enterprise and Alamo from the age of 25. Please note that some rentals have different conditions in England/Scotland and Northern Ireland.

How much does it cost to rent a child seat or child booster seat in England?

If you are travelling with children, book your child seat or booster seat in advance, as it can be sold out at highly demanded airport offices, such as Heathrow or Stansted in London, as it is delivered throughout the day until stocks last. Remember that in the UK all children under the age of 12 or 135 centimetres must travel in an adapted seat.

Can I cross the English border with a rental car? And take the car to Ireland or France?

Car hire companies normally allow you to use your car throughout the UK Island, and pick up the car at one office and return it to another, within these four regions:
  • England
  • Scotland
  • Wales
  • Northern Ireland
Look out! Look out! Although Northern Ireland is part of Great Britain, not all rentals allow you to take the rental car to the island of Ireland, or to the European mainland, for which you must ask for prior authorization and pay an extra fee (sometimes implies an international coverage), for example between € 102 and € 159 between 1 and 7 days in Avis, or a fee of € 142 in Enterprise.