There are many surprises in life that no one is immune from a change of address or a change of name. And when this happens, you must correct your contact information on certain documents (with your energy supplier, the post office, etc.). In the case of a driver's licence, changing the address or name is not necessary. However, this can be done very well if the holder of the driving title insists on it. In this case, he will have to start the process with the prefecture or sub-prefecture. Here are some explanations on how to change driver's licence information.

Change the address on the online driver's license

While it is customary to apply for a new registration certificate on the Internet either via ANTS, the State platform, or via a site approved by the Ministry of the Interior, it is quite different when changing an address or name on a driving licence. Indeed, this approach is only available from the prefecture or sub-prefecture. However, as some sub-prefectures no longer have driving licence counters, other alternatives are proposed by the prefecture to receive requests for name changes on driving licences (by mail, for example). In order to see all the details on this subject, it is necessary to consult the website of the prefecture or specialized sites such as In addition, there is various information on the renewal of driving licences, the vehicle registration document and the various useful administrative procedures.

Documents useful to the prefecture

When you wish to change your address on your driving licence at the prefecture, you must provide yourself with some essential documents, in particular: a driving licence with a photocopy on both sides, a national identity card with a photocopy, proof of change of residence, and a residence permit or a residence card with a photocopy on both sides for foreign nationals established in France. This is the content of the file required when changing addresses on a driver's licence. With regard to changing the name on the licence, the application must be accompanied by the following documents: the duly completed and signed cerfa form No. 14882*01 and cerfa form No. 14948*01, a photocopy of the national identity card or passport, a photocopy of the driving licence, a photocopy of the proof of change of name and a residence permit or a residence permit for foreigners.

Can I get a new driver's license?

The first thing to know about a driver's licence is that it is renewed every 15 years. As a result, persons who wish to make a change of address or name without waiting for this mandatory renewal will not benefit from a new licence with the changes that have been made. Indeed, the new data are only recorded in the national computerised driving licence system. It is therefore necessary to wait until the renewal to see the change of address and name. And anyway, as far as the address is concerned, it does not appear on the new secure permit. However, it should be noted that under no circumstances will the amendment request invalidate the current driver's licence. It may be used until the holder receives the new driving licence.

Why change the name or address of a driver's licence?

If the change of name on a driver's licence seems obvious, some people wonder why change the address on this document when this information does not even appear on it. This is a legitimate question that needs to be clarified. Indeed, the fact of reporting the change of residence to the administration allows the permit holder not to lose their tickets. The administration could automatically send these fines to the old address. However, ignoring the penalties received for a traffic violation can be costly and lead to the suspension of a driver's licence if they are not addressed. Therefore, it is recommended to change the address on your driver's licence after a move, even if it is not mandatory. Finally, it is important to note that a change of address or name on the driver's licence cannot be initiated at any prefecture. It must be done at the prefecture, sub-prefecture or town hall corresponding to its address. Hence the importance of obtaining information either online or directly from the prefecture offices before starting the process.