The purchase of a car, even a used one, requires a significant amount of money. To reduce it, you can use the services of a car representative. It offers you more attractive prices than those of a dealer, many services and a wide choice of models.

More attractive prices

An automotive representative act as an interface between automotive suppliers, with whom he has established a partnership, and customers who wish to buy a new or used car. The agent can offer you lower rates than those charged by car dealerships. The latter are obliged to set official prices and have little room for manoeuvre to offer discounts. The agent manages to offer attractive prices by buying vehicles in large quantities. The number of its partners and customers gives it the opportunity to do so. The density of its partnership networks and the volume of its purchases thus give it great negotiating skills. Your car representative can also buy cars abroad, often at a more advantageous price.

Other services include

The car agent does not just sell you a vehicle at very low prices. In addition, he takes care of the administrative formalities before the vehicle is put into service. The car may have been purchased from an automotive supplier far away from where you live. It may even come from abroad. You don't have to take care of anything. The agent takes over the delivery of the vehicle. He also takes care of all the necessary steps for its registration. The car is ready, you can pick it up at one of the delivery points reserved for this purpose. There, you will be given all the explanations necessary for a good handling of the vehicle. However, if you wish, your agent can also have it delivered to your home. Similarly, if you want to have additional elements and new accessories installed in the car, he will take care of their installation.

The choice of models

Using a car representative gives you another advantage. When you walk through its door, you will find a very large number of cars. Most of the brands are represented there. The best known and most prestigious, but also more confidential brands, sometimes difficult to find in dealerships. This great diversity is an asset for you. By taking the time to compare all these models, the features available and the delivery times offered, you have a better chance of finding the vehicle that suits you. And don't worry about the warranties applied to your car. Your agent will propose the same as the dealer. He can also offer you extended guarantees. These guarantees depend on the manufacturer and not the seller.