In France, all motor vehicle drivers are required to take out insurance. This is the case of the underprivileged who must be insured in order to be able to reimburse the damage that may be caused to others. They can turn to specialized companies available on the Internet.

Use a specialized insurance company

Finding a new insurer who agrees to cover you after a malus is not easy. Indeed, if your company decides to terminate your car insurance contract, your profile is considered risky by other insurers. Nevertheless, in the face of the growing number of terminated and malformed people, there are many specialized companies offering their services online. This type of insurer particularly covets "risky" profiles, allowing them to cover their vehicle despite a penalty or termination. On the Internet, the offers available to you vary according to the companies. These also depend on the profile of each individual, the risks they represent, the reasons for terminating their contract, etc. Thus, the amount of the insurance premium will be determined according to the profile of the terminated person. However, the rates offered by specialized insurers are affordable, although they are higher than the amount of traditional premiums. Coverages and coverage levels differ from one company to another. To choose the right insurer for you, remember to compare the different offers you will find.

Two methods to find a new insurer

When you commit an at-fault accident, your insurance company has the right to terminate your contract with two months' notice, valid every year. During this time, you must work to find a new insurer. Otherwise, you are committing an offence punishable by a fine and a licence cancellation or suspension. In addition, your vehicle may be confiscated. Save time by using an online tool to compare the different formulas offered by insurance companies. Simply fill out a form concerning your username, profile and expectations to obtain detailed quotes from many insurers. Depending on the offers and rates offered by them, choose the company that suits you. In addition, you can use an insurance broker to advise and guide you in your choices. He oversees comparing the offers of insurers to find the one that matches your profile with an affordable price. He also negotiates the most advantageous contracts with the best insurance companies.

The percentage of malus in the event of an at-fault accident

The penalty is a penalty imposed on the driver responsible for an accident or disaster. It consists in increasing your insurance premium according to the number of accidents you have caused. If the latter has lent his vehicle to a third party and the latter has caused an accident, it is the vehicle owner's penalty that is increased. It should be noted that initially, the coefficient of the insurance premium is equal to 1. once the insured is declared responsible for an accident, the penalty increases by 25%. Therefore, you must multiply your insurance by 1.25 to determine the value that will be added to the initial premium amount. If the insured causes other responsible accidents, a 25% surcharge will be applied for each of them. Note that the malus coefficient can reach 3.50. The higher this coefficient, the less likely you are to find a new insurer. Before counting you among their insureds, companies ask about your experience and the risks of accident exposure to determine the cost of your insurance. In addition, if you are over 70 years of age, uninsured and exhibiting recidivism, your chances of finding an insurer are minimal. In addition, please note that the insured whose liability is not engaged does not suffer any malus. This is the case in particular in the event of theft, fire, glass breakage, force majeure or a parking accident without an identified third party.

Enter the Central Pricing Office

Set up by the State, the BCT or Central Pricing Bureau intervenes with insurers when they are unable to take out a contract to cover their vehicle. You can seize it if you have suffered a malus and have contacted at least two insurers who have refused to cover your car. This body must be notified within 15 days of the notification of the negative replies. The CPA takes the necessary steps to ensure that your profile is accepted by the insurer it has contacted. He can decide the amount of the insurance premium. The intervention of this organization can be long, but always leads to a result. Its role is to force a company to cover you. However, the contract obtained is only valid for one year and you only benefit from the minimum legal guarantees.