When buying a new car, we have a choice of options including the trailer hitch. When you buy second-hand, it can be difficult to find a car that is equipped with it. But fortunately, it is possible to mount a trailer hitch at any time during the vehicle's life. Place a trailer hitch on a used car, as this allows you to easily transport all your equipment with a trailer. A towing hook allows you to tow a trailer that can weigh up to 750kg, with the advantage of course of choosing the system that best suits your car. In general, you have the choice between two types of trailer hitch: Fixed ball, removable ball. Can I install a trailer hitch on my car? First, be aware that not all cars can receive a trailer hitch, it depends on the size of the vehicle and its engine. For example, a Honda CR Z hybrid cannot be equipped with it.

Choose Your Trailer Attachment

To install a hitch system on your car, you will need two essential components, the hitch ball and the trailer hitch. These must be chosen in such a way that they are perfectly compatible with your car. A hitch is then used to safely tow a caravan or trailer by attaching a device to the rear of the car. The major advantage of a hitch device is the ability to tow a trailer (or caravan) with the trailer hitch that attaches to the rear of your car. The trailer hitch consists mainly of the following components: The towing ball: a classic ball that can be fixed or dismountable, also called a gooseneck, the towing hook: it can, in certain cases, replace the towing ball. The towing head is fixed on the trailer drawbar. The electrical harness: To supply power to the system, particularly during braking. Depending on the equipment you want to tow and the capacity of your car, several towing systems are available to ensure that the installed device is compatible with your holiday car. The most economical and practical part of a trailer hitch is the fixed townball, as it can be easily installed on your car. However, it must still be there, and if one day you want to get rid of this apparent ball, you will have to disassemble the entire coupling device. On the other hand, you can opt for a removable trailer hitch which has the advantage of being easily removable, in addition, it allows you to tow a larger weight with its traction drill which greatly exceeds the fixed models.

Mounting Your Own Trailer Attachment?

Only a professional is authorized to advise and guide motorists towards the most suitable couplings, to choose between the different 7 or 13-pin sockets depending on the equipment, or to compensate for any risk of electrical malfunction of the system and in particular of the braking and signalling elements. A well-trained professional saves you a lot of time and effort, by helping you choose the right trailer hitch for your car and ensuring that every part of the hitch system is properly positioned, especially the wiring harness, which is the most delicate part.

How much does a Trailer Tie cost?

Depending on the type of attachment considered, fixed, removable or electric; the total cost (material + assembly) of your hitch system may differ from one type to another. So, according to your need and budget, you can choose the trailer hitch that ensures a good utility/price ratio. With the disadvantage of remaining visible all the time, the fixed hook is the cheapest of all other types of equipment. A removable kit can be adopted to be able to remove the ball and thus not damage its rear bumper in the event of an untimely impact. The option of mounting and dismounting the coupling device when we wish to do so, gives the removable coupler a great advantage over the fixed coupler, this advantage gives the removable coupler a higher price than the fixed one. Goosenecks are also a good choice on the aesthetic and practical side, but it requires more work to mount them on your holiday car and therefore a higher assembly cost.