Following Jeep's adventures at the "Nautic" show in Paris, for which the brand is a partner for the second consecutive year. In addition to its traditional range, Jeep made the effort to present two concept cars based on the Wrangler Unlimited: a white and a black one. We have already presented the "White" version, in turn the "Black" version. The white version was supposed to represent the pure side of the sail, the black one will evoke the technicality of a motorboat. However, compared to the white version, the only real difference is the colour of the paint and leather. On the menu: chrome for the grille, spare wheel cover, door handles and hinges. Black leather for dressing spare wheels, door handles and hinges. Here again, this same black leather is very nicely used on the wings and roll bar. And finally, teak is subtly spread throughout the cabin, but also on the boot lid and door sills. In the same way as the "White" version, the Black version also has the right to its white folding seats and its black canvas cover which will allow you to take shelter summarily. She created the Style & Design creation workshop, responsible for these two concept cars, which unfortunately will remain without follow-up.