When you discover this car that wants to play in the same category as an Aston-Martin Rapide, a Porsche Panamera or a Mercedes CLS, you can't imagine that Kia could be the author. However, it is Peter Schreyer's team, the Korean brand's chief designer, who is behind this impressive concept car. And not only does it recycle the famous side gutters of Citroƫn's GT concept car, it also pays tribute to it by choosing the same name. After last month's teasers, Kia is now offering us a more complete gallery showing us this GT from all angles. The line is stretched and refined, but as I said last month, it would have been better to be even smoother, without some heaviness (such as these side sticks). But let us not be too demanding and let us recognize that the whole thing is imposing. Here are the dimensions: length 4.69m width1.89m height 1.38m wheelbase 2.86m Like any good concept car, the interior is opened by doors with an antagonistic system, without a middle foot (unrealistic as a standard feature). The interior is black, but the brown leather armchairs manage to brighten up the atmosphere and give it a classy-sporting look. As the trend is for dashboards to be increasingly empty, the GT is no exception. If you're wondering how to use all the controls in the car, you should have Kia's answer in a few days now. Let's now look at the realistic side of this concept car. It is based on the platform of the large Hyundai Genesis, which is a propulsion system. Under the hood, a 3.3L turbocharged V6 engine, coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission, takes its place. The power is 395 hp, and the torque is 534 Nm. Tell yourself that the style of this concept car is not so utopian since many people think that the K9, the top-of-the-range Kia to be presented next year, will take on the features of it.