Missile launcher, firecracker, highly alcoholic cocktail rich in Cognac... This is the translation or use of the word "Stinger" in English. An explosive program, therefore, which corresponds perfectly to the most powerful vehicle ever offered as standard by Kia! And to dress this cavalry, a large "coupé 5-door" style sedan with a very successful design, which attracted a lot of attention at the recent shows in Detroit and Geneva. So, it was true! 5 years ago, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Kia presented her GT Concept, a 5-door coupé sculptural that had given up hope that it could have a continuation.


Almost 6 years have indeed passed since this fine exercise in style. And it was with pleasure that we discovered the Stinger last January at the Detroit show. Of course, it is not the exact copy and paste of the GT Concept, but it is very close to it. And 6 years later, the charm is still there, proof that the 2011 concept car was born. It's hard to recognize a Kia at first glance. It is in fact thanks to the "Tiger Nose" grille that identification is possible. For the rest, Kia has composed a patchwork of elements taken from the right and left that ultimately gives the Stinger its own personality. Thus, the fastback 5-door coupé line is based on the Audi A5/A7, BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé or VW Arteon. The rear section is immediately reminiscent of the Dodge Charger. The roof line is highlighted in chrome, the front bumpers have vertical air inlets with air extractors on the front fenders. There are four exhaust outlets and a nice extractor on the rear bumper. The only clumsiness (but everyone will judge) that was also present on the concept: the rear lights extending straight to the rear fenders. Unnecessary effect.

driving force

Under the hood, the concept car's 3.3L twin-turbo V6 had already become a reality by equipping some Genesis (the top-of-the-range brand of the Hyundai-Kia group), the G80 and the G90 in particular. It is therefore installed without surprise in the GT version of the Stinger with a comfortable power of 370 hp. But two 4-cylinder engines (a petrol and a diesel) are also planned. In all cases, the 8-speed automatic transmission is required.

Let me zoom in zang zoom, in your Benz Benz Benz Benz

Originality on the outside is indisputable. Inside, welcome to a very... Mercedes-Benz universe! The round aerators overhung by a (small) touch screen from 7″ are a tribute to starred cars. Of course, we are at Kia, and you can't expect the same quality of plastics or assemblies as you would expect from expensive German products. But on these two points, the Korean brand is far from being open to criticism either. But it remains a generalist manufacturer.

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The standard equipment is complete and has all the necessary equipment for driving comfort and safety. Everything that is done in the category is therefore present, but do not wait for Kia to innovate in anything, because it will not be the case.