How can I talk about this new CX-5? As a new generation (this is the case for most media, Wikipedia in particular) or as a big facelift. Here, we are leaning towards the second solution. And there is nothing in Mazda's press release to suggest that this SUV is entering its second generation. In any case, Mazda is developing the design of the most important model in its range, since it is the best-selling in the world.

The unknown bestseller

It is an injustice; it is the fact that Mazda remains in the shadows in France. Halfway between a generalist and premium manufacturer, the brand interests only a few connoisseurs who are aware of its reliability and its often-original technical choices. Transparent in France, the brand is less so in some European countries, where it plays the leading role. Or in the United States, where the brand remains popular despite its exit from the Ford group. Even in China, Mazda has quietly and successfully established itself. After a few difficult years, the Japanese company is in almost insolent health with sales figures that have increased significantly over the past 4 or 5 years. The Kodo Design strategy (soul in motion) has borne fruit. The first model to embody the Kodo was the SUV CX-5 in 2011. A successful launch as it has become the best-selling model in the range. Sold in 120 countries, it represents 25% of Mazda's worldwide sales and has been produced in 1.5 million units (figure stopped in December 2016). An update was therefore essential to continue surfing on this good wave. At first glance, we discover a new car. And yet, you can quickly see from the profile and rear part that this new CX-5 is a clever restyling of the previous one. Skilful and deep since the front part completely changes by adopting the current aesthetic canons, and since the passenger compartment has been totally overhauled (new dashboard and storm doors, revised seats). Technically, the new CX-5 keeps the same engines, improves the suspension, takes care of its soundproofing and makes its chassis even more rigid. What else? What else? Not much: new red color (Soul Red Crystal) and new head-up display with information projected on the windshield. For the rest, Mazda retains all its SkyActiv technologies, which allow the CX-5 to remain one of the most efficient SUVs in its class.

Three finishes are available:

- ELEGANCE: emergency braking with pedestrian detection, speed warning, LED headlights with headlight washers, alloy wheels 17″, 7″ display with navigation and navigation wheel. bi-zone air conditioning mazda-CX-5-faceflit - DYNAMICS. in addition: reversing camera, emergency reverse braking with obstacle detection, directional and adaptive headlights, automatic high beam management, lane departure warning, driver alertness alert, blind spot monitoring, heated steering wheel. - SELECTION. in addition: adaptive LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, head-up display projected on windshield, 19″ aluminium wheels, power tailgate opening, leather interior, 10 HP Bose audio system. Finally, rather positive: the CX-5 has the good taste to remain affordable, with an entrance ticket at 30.100 €.