MERCEDES concept in Sedan: Already?

The Shanghai Motor Show has opened its doors, and Mercedes presented a concept car that unveils valuable information about the replacement for the A-Class family, and the CLA. A haste to which Mercedes has not accustomed us, since the CLA was presented in 2013.

An early renewal

The A-Class (5-door) was introduced in March 2012 and finally gave Mercedes a worthy presence in the compact category, the best-selling in Europe. The CLA was proposed in early 2013, followed a few months later by the GLA crossover, and finally the CLA Shooting Brake at the end of 2014. A very recent range, which has generated (by adding the figures for the B-Class) 2 million vehicles sold since 2012. It is therefore a great commercial success, which has greatly helped Mercedes to increase its registrations and reduce the average age of its customers by 10 years.

The presentation of the A Sedan Concept is therefore a surprise, since it prefigures the replacement of the A family from 2018. A rapid renewal of which Mercedes is not very familiar. But an understandable renewal since, in the C segment, today’s new proposals very quickly outdated yesterday’s stars. The German company therefore does not want to see the soufflĂ© fall back and intends to engage as soon as possible with a new A family that will be able to continue to fight fiercely in its category.

The A Sedan Concept therefore shows us nothing more or less than the CLA’s replacement, the 4-door coupe version. So of course, the standard version will certainly not use UV technology front lights. And the large 20-inch wheels will probably only be found on the AMG versions. But the main thing is there.

Of note is the curved vertical bar grille “Panamericana”, a symbol of the AMG GT coupĂ© and roadster and the AMG GT GT Concept fastback concept car unveiled last month in Geneva. For the rest, the transition between the current CLA and this Sedan A Concept is smooth and logical, with almost identical dimensions (length 4.57m, width 1.87m, height 1.46m). No technical data were provided.

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