A bicycle carrier hitch platform designed for 4 bicycles and easily foldable. Customer needs are changing. Ten years ago, they could be quite satisfied with a tailgate bike carrier with tedious straps to put in place. HangonThen came the turn of the towbar with suspended bicycles. Quick to install and affordable, however, it was necessary to install a license plate and remote lights, which required a little extra time. For the past two or three years, the solution that has won the vote despite its extra cost has been the platform where bicycles are installed, which includes a license plate and remote lights. An all-in-one product that can be quickly installed. But Norauto's strength lies in being able to listen to its customers' needs. It is certainly in this context that the company has realized the defect of these platforms: their size can make it difficult to store them in a cellar or a small garage. In addition, let's say we're a small family that goes for a bike ride, and parks its car with the platform in a slightly isolated place. Fear of theft or vandalism may then be felt. And the possibility of being able to quickly fold and store the platform in the vehicle can become a new purchasing criterion. Other brands have already done this (Thule, Mottez,). But their products are often limited to two or three bicycles, and prices are often dissuasive. Norauto has therefore established specifications including "pliability", but also price. The brand therefore presents us for its summer 2016 collection the Rapid Bike 4 Flex at a price of 299.95€, which is only 50€ more than the non-foldable version. Already pre-assembled (which is not the case with the non-foldable version), the Rapid Bike 4 Flex is lightweight (about 12 kg) and can be installed quickly. It has a keyed anti-theft system on the tow ball. The bicycle frames are attached to the two central hoops, and the wheels have fasteners provided in the rails. Of course, it can be tilted to allow access to the tailgate. The Rapid Bike 4 Flex can be removed just as quickly. And folding it back is child's play: the plate and light holder can be removed in a few seconds, and the rails can be raised to rest on the central hoops. From there, it becomes easy to store it in the vehicle or in a corner of the house. All good? Almost! A storage cover would not have been too much. But that remains a detail. To conclude, the Rapid Bike 4 Flex is a simple, well-designed, practical and robust product. And with its configuration of 4 bicycles and its price placement, it is for the moment without competition.