For its first generation of Cee'd, Kia had dared a 3-door version full of character that stood out clearly in its design of the 5-door version. This variant has been convincing, and has had a great career, to such an extent that Kia has decided to set the stage for the second generation. The recipe remains the same for this new Pro Cee'd: same overall dimensions as the sedan, lowered roof (4 cm), specific profile and stern. The result is a not unpleasant coupe that competes with the only two other representatives in the category: the Renault Megane Coupe and the Opel Astra GTC. But the competition from the Pro Cee'd won't be very scary, since Kia persists, as on the previous one, in offering only two engines that are not explosive: a 135 hp 1.6L GDI petrol block and a 128 hp 1.6L CRDi diesel block. The interior, for its part, remains the same as that of the sedan. The first price starts at €21,390.