Presented in January, then seen at the New York Motor Show in March, the new Mini Cabriolet can now be photographed from every angle in its John Cooper Works version, traditionally the sportiest of the range. And takes the opportunity to reveal its prices. Third generation Mini Cabriolet by BMW! And a new version in JCW version which, as on the "closed" version, abandons the 1.6L of the previous generation and now offers a 2.0L Turbo of 231 hp, i. e. 20 hp more. Big overweight also for the convertible (1,385 kg) which has 105 kg more on the scale than the 3 doors, the fault of course for the work done on the structure of the car to ensure good stiffness. Fortunately, this weight gain does not hinder performance too much: 242 km/h in Vmax and 6.6s for 0 to 100 km/h with the manual gearbox (6.5s with the StepTronic automatic gearbox). The torque is still 320 Nm. And the mixed consumption remains reasonable: 5.9L/100 (CO2 emissions: 138grs).


On the aesthetic part of the car, there will be no breakage or desire for change compared to the previous JCW Cabriolet. The recipe remains the same with front shields greatly enriched with air intakes, Optional, the possibility to display a good big Union Jack on the canvas of the hood! On the practical side, let's note that the hood opens/closes in 18 seconds even when driving at speeds up to 30 km/h. And a trunk that offers what it can for a small convertible: 160 litres in the open version, 215 litres in the covered version. Let's announce the price, which as always at Mini, is never mini. 36.450€ excluding VAT and options. In the options section, the StepTronic box (+1,900€), between 300 and 870€ for a paint other than white or red, 850€ for the beautiful JCW rims, 130€ for the strips on the hood, 1500€ minimum for the leather upholstery, 300€ for the anti-roll net, etc.... It is still a car with an unmistakable look and feel, which is simply the most powerful in the meagre category of mini convertibles.