Auréolé of his European triumph, the Captur can bulge his chest. But he's 4 years old, so it's time for restyling. However, Renault prefers to rest on its laurels, and offers us a budget and a minimum service for this facelift.

Change everything? Why? Why?

After all, why change a winning formula? In the SUV/crossovers category, all sizes combined, he is the European champion. According to Renault, the Captur sold 215,670 units in Europe in 2016, placing it in first place. An unexpected success, which even Renault certainly did not anticipate when the model was launched in 2013. So, if it pleases you, you shouldn't confuse the customers with changes that are too profound. Renault has therefore invested in a new front bumper with daytime running lights largely inspired by the Russian Kaptur, with their signature in C. The internal arrangement of the front and rear lights changes a little. On some versions, the front lights are full height. The protective skis at the bottom of the front and rear shields have been redesigned. And that's all.... The rest is only details: two new paints (Orange Atacama and Bleu Océan), 1 new roof shade (Platinum Grey) and now the optional presence of a fixed glass roof. The interior is redesigned according to Renault, but it must be subtle because we don't see much change.