Russia, Australia, China, Gulf countries, Maghreb... Markets where the Koleos 1 sold well, while it was off the mark in Europe. This shows that tastes change from one market to another, and that these distant countries have been more receptive to its real qualities. This explains why these markets were served first for the Koleos 2. The launch of the South Korean version (sold under the name Samsung QM6) was also a priority. It is in South Korea that the Koleos 2 is manufactured, as the previous one. But this time, it is also produced in China and Brazil for local needs. In total, the Renault SUV will be present in 80 countries. Renault therefore wishes to maintain this good momentum in the countries that loved the previous Koleos, while trying to "recover" in Europe (target: 30,000 sales in the Union for 2017). To achieve this, the diamond brand relied on the Renault-Nissan alliance, taking over the running gears and transmission of the X-Trail. As for the modular chassis, it is the one used by a large part of the range: Megane 4, Scenic 4, Talisman, Espace, Kadjar. But it is thanks to his design that the Koleos will try to win back the European clientele. In the trash can the cute drawing from the previous opus. Make way for the typical Renault lines inaugurated by the Espace in 2015 and adopted by the entire range. The front end, having been the subject of all the care, is not discreet, but rather intimidating, with its large grille and giant logo. The rear part is successful by using the same aesthetic codes as the Talisman. And in the end, we realize that the overweight of the new Koleos is not only visual, but a reality (+ 15 centimetres) Inside, the surprise does not come from the dashboard seen and reviewed at Renault, which we would have liked to see a little more originality. No, the real surprise comes from the lack of a 7-seater configuration. Renault did not see fit to offer this solution, despite a flattering length (4.67m). It's a pity that the diamond has ruled out this possibility: Renault is a generalist brand, and this can be a purchasing criterion for a large family. It's more regrettable since the cousin Nissan X-Trail has them, these 7 seats! The explanation? Don't shade the Great Scenic and Space! Let's stay positive: the rear seat space is generous, and the trunk is of good volume. We will not focus on comfort and safety equipment, which is identical to what is done in the category. Just to mention the meanness, we only offer the spare wheel as an option at 130€ in order to increase the boot volume. Go a little further down in this article to find out which equipment is dedicated to each finishing level.

The essentials under the hood

Let's reformulate: the essentials for France, where only 2 diesel engines have been chosen: the 1.6L dCi 130hp, and the 2.0L dCi 175hp. Indeed, the 1.6L TCe gasoline engine is not available in either of its two configurations (165 and 205 hp). However, it is not excluded that the Koleos' offer may change in the coming months. This would be appropriate, given that diesel market shares are falling in France. Strangely enough, the EDC dual clutch transmission is not part of the range either, whether in France or elsewhere. On the menu, it will therefore be a 6-speed manual gearbox or an X-Tronic continuously variable transmission. There will also be no 4Control system with steered wheels.