Skoda vision E Concept: a Kodiaq preview cut?

After the positive reception given to the Kodiaq, and while waiting for the Karoq (Yeti’s replacement), Skoda continues the road to the SUV, with the Vision E Concept presented at the Shanghai show, which closed its doors a week ago. If its front part does not prefigure anything that could happen to Skoda, it is on its rear part that we must focus.

By looking carefully….

Indeed, the front part is modern, with its matrix LEDs that cover the entire width of the vehicle and its lack of grille. But we all know that a production Skoda will never display such a prow. The same goes for the imposed figures, which show that we are dealing with a concept car: no middle feet, doors with antagonistic opening, no mirrors, a sleek and entirely tactile interior, ultra-thin seats.

But the 3/4 rear view announces nothing less than the style of the Kodiaq “5-door coupĂ©” which is due to be presented in the coming weeks. And yes, Skoda will rush into the SUV coupĂ© segment initiated a few years ago by BMW X6/X4s, and loosely imitated by Mercedes on its GLC/GLE coupe. Remember that the entire rear part of the Vision E from the C-pillar will certainly be that of the Kodiaq Coupe, with a few details (internal light structure, shield design). If this is the case, the integration is rather successful and dynamic.

The second information to remember about this concept car is its architecture with electric motor and Volkswagen SEM platform. This platform, designed for all the German group’s electric models, was finalized last January and has already given rise to the VW ID and ID Buzz concept cars. This therefore announces Skoda’s entry into the electric vehicle market from 2020.

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