Many people decide to invest in the installation of a motorization for a garage door, both professionals and individuals, and this is not for nothing. In addition to be a practical tool for everyday life, garage door automation also guarantees greater comfort and safety.

A motorized garage door for optimal comfort

One of the first advantages of a motorized garage door is certainly its practicality for everyday life. Indeed, there is no need to make the slightest effort to open the garage or garage gate since you will be able to control its opening with a remote control. You will no longer have to get out of the car or bend over for handling as everything can be controlled remotely. This will relieve your back and avoid fatigue, which guarantees unbelievable comfort. In order to optimize the comfort of your home as much as possible, you can even install home automation, a centralization of all electrical and electronic devices in the house including the garage motorization. This intelligent system allows you to control all devices in your home remotely with a connected device (tablet, smartphone or computer) or to automatically program their on/off. Thus, thanks to geolocation, the door opens automatically as soon as you are close enough to the house.

A motorization for maximum safety

The installation of a garage door operator is also a solution that offers maximum security in your home. In addition to allowing you to control access and visitors, this device is ideal to help you leave the house in complete serenity:

Opening is a simple click away

It is possible to check if the door is properly closed and close it remotely if necessary. Combined with home automation, it allows you to control everything: turn off the lights and heaters, the oven you forgot For certain more efficient motorization models that focus on safety, a system can be installed to immobilize the garage door in the event of an obstacle. This will protect your children and pets from being crushed during closing.

A device that adapts to any situation

In addition to these considerable advantages offered by the installation of a garage door motor, be aware that the motorization is also a device that can be adapted to all configurations: Manual unlocking operation avoids problems in the event of a power failure Possibility of installation on any type of opening: overhead door, sectional door, etc. Parachute stopping the progression in case of breakage to avoid accidents Blocking of the motor preventing attempted break-ins (sectional door) Saving space for storage (roll-up door) ... As for the aesthetic aspect, you won't have to worry since most motorization devices integrate perfectly with any existing door or garage gate model. The work to be done for the installation is not very heavy unless you opt for a motorization like the door itself.