This may be information that is of little concern to us in France, since petrol engines from 100 to 150 hp are not popular with city-dwellers or compact cars. But things are changing, and the arrival of the latest generation of gasoline engines may finally put an end to the diesel monopoly in our country. Nevertheless, the Volkswagen group has introduced its new 1.5L TSI engine, which will replace the 1.4L TSI, and which is called EA211. Volkswagen immediately announces a 10% decrease in consumption for its new block, thanks to the use of an armada of technologies: variable geometry turbocharging with better response time, direct injection, Miller combustion cycle, friction reduction thanks to a plasma treated block. The announced power is 130 hp, for a torque of 200 Nm available at an amazing engine speed of 1300 rpm. A 150 hp version will also be available. The deactivation of half of the cylinders will also be proposed on some versions. Finally, please note that the EA211 motor operates on lead-free 95, lead-free 95 E10 and lead-free 98. But it will also be adaptable to natural gas and ethanol. Last detail: it will require the use of a 0W20 fluidity oil, as on PSA Group PureTech engines. The new 1.5L TSI will be available at the end of the year.