The new C3 (the 3rd generation) has just been introduced by Citroën. A daring bet for the brand, which abandons the reassuring curves of the first two generations to offer something new, even surprising. The mission is to reach a new clientele... while keeping the old one that we know is traditional. So, to clearly prove that we still love them, what could be better than to recall the genealogy of this new C3. But there is no question of doing it in the traditional way. Let's do it in a... elastic way instead. That's where Christopher Labrooy comes in. The talent of this Scot is digital illustrations based on typographies, sports equipment, and especially cars (with a pronounced taste for Porsche!). The goal being a distorted or unusual staging. In other words, the individual has a small reputation in the world of advertising. It is therefore to him that we owe this incredible video, which shows us the new C3 parked in front of those who preceded it, nested in pairs one in the other. We can easily recognize the famous 2CV (1948) coupled with the questionable Visa (1978), the fragile AX (1986) united with the bland Saxo (1996), and the plump C3 I (2002) merged with the outgoing C3 II (2009).