On March 1st, a rare event took place as Land Rover presented a new model expanding the Range range: the Velar. An SUV whose presence is difficult to explain... now. But the evolution of the Range Rover range in the coming years explains everything.

Velar: the not really missing piece

Already, for the average person, it is necessary to understand the difference between the Discovery range and the Range Rover range. So, let's say that Discovery is adventure and the ability to cross. While the Range Rover range would be more synonymous with style, sport and luxury. Let's look at the Range Rover range, which until now included the Evoque (4.37m), the Sport (4.85m) and the "real" Range (5.00m). We knew that the Velar would soon arrive, but we were more expecting an SUV of about 4.60m, which would integrate perfectly between the Evoque and the Sport. However, it is a beautiful 4.80m beast that arrives today, which makes its positioning a little blurry. But in fact, the Velar only anticipates the weight that the Sport (which should approach 5 meters) and the Range (which should still grow to become an ultra-luxurious SUV competing with the Bentley Bentayga) will take when they are renewed. But there will always be a gaping hole between the Evoque and the Velar.


In any case, if Range Rover = style, sport and luxury, the Velar fills all the boxes. For style, it's all here: giant grille, sophisticated front lights, air intakes highlighted by blades, sloped windshield, huge wheels (up to 22″), high-placed body line, thin glass surface, narrow rear accentuated by the upward movement of the shield. For sport: 4- and 6-cylinder engines up to 380 hp and sophisticated suspensions. For luxury: look at the pictures of the interior, they are very telling. Let's not talk about the technological content that is summarized in the table below.