The Rolls-Royce Phantom has just finished its career in all its configurations (sedan, limousine, coupé, coupé, Drophead coupé) and its replacement will arrive in the coming weeks. As a gesture of honour, the British brand is offering a unique example of it, which is on display this weekend at the Villa d'Este elegance competition. Only one copy reserved for a wealthy client However, this beautiful tribute to Phantom VII is not Rolls-Royce's initiative. In fact, it was a wealthy customer, whose identity would of course remain confidential, who asked (in 2013!) the prestigious manufacturer to design a tailor-made 2-seater coupé according to his criteria, which was based largely on the world of sailing and yachting. As a good patron, this wealthy customer has accepted that his car be exhibited during an elegance competition. BMW being a partner of the Villa d'Este, and Rolls-Royce being part of the BMW group, there is no need to tell you in which competition the car is exhibited! For those who still want to see it, hurry up: it ends today.   The little story will not tell if the Sweptail was delivered to its owner this year or earlier. Because 4 years to create this copy, it seems a lot, after all! But at Bespoke, Rolls-Royce's "Tailor-made" department, we are more used to customising cars than creating them... To our knowledge, this is the first time that the British brand has made a unique model to the point of creating a specific bodywork. Estimated price of this delirium: 11 million euros!

No, it's not a Wraith!

Don't be fooled by appearances: despite the lateral glazing, which seems identical to that of the Wraith coupe (based on the "small" Ghost), it is indeed the large Phantom VII that served as the basis for this unique masterpiece, and more particularly a Phantom Coupe. The Wraith coupe, whose profile has largely inspired the Sweptail But it is difficult to recognize the initial model! From a classic 2-door coupe, the Sweptail becomes an impressive and long fastback whose profile is inspired by the Wraith coupe.

Review of details

The Sweptail's main originality is stated in its name! Sweptail, in English, means pigeontail. And we can see that the rear section has been lengthened, in a style that is very curved and unlike anything Rolls-Royce has been able to offer us in recent years. We notice then that the rear window ends in a pointed point, as an extension of a glass roof and a windshield that seem to be only one piece! At the front, no mistake, we are at Rolls-Royce with a grille that is even larger than the original model. But the massive appearance is reinforced by a totally "framed" bow in a large rectangle inside which the famous grille is enthroned, as well as minimalist round headlights highlighted by two led eyebrows. Inside, no picture of the dashboard has been shown to us, but here is one of the rear parts, which confirms that the Sweptail is indeed a two-seater, and that the yachting world was the inspiration, with materials that remind us of its universe. Impressive!