4 Volkswagen models are affected by the Cup limited edition. Among them, the Tiguan is entitled to its cure of over-equipment for a zero additional cost. Available throughout January 2014, the Tiguan Cup is based on the Sportline finish and includes many new features. Additional accessories include: - radio navigation RNS 315 - dual-zone automatic climate control - the panoramic sunroof - aluminium rims 17″ - front and rear parking assistance - assistance at the Park Assist car park - Bluetooth The range starts at 29,950 € with the 1.4L TSI 122 in two-wheel drive and manual gearbox. The most expensive Tiguan Cup (€38,940) will be the 2,0L TDI 177hp four-wheel drive and DSG7 gearbox. However, other engines are eligible with this limited series: the 1.4L TSI 160, the 2.0L TDI 110 and the 2.0L TDI 140. Often, it is possible to choose between two-wheel drive or 4Motion transmission, and between a manual or DSG gearbox. Finally, Volkswagen offers a €2,295 Techno Cup package with bi-xenon headlights, hands-free access and start, RNS 510 radio navigation and a reversing camera. Limited series Cup: Up! Cup! Golf Cup Touran Cup Tiguan Cup Car maintenance The maintenance of cars entrusted to specialists is based on the technical data of the car, the mileage and the type of use. The intervention respects the recommendations of the manufacturer's maintenance logbook.

LPG car

The LPG or liquefied petroleum gas car may cost more than a conventional petrol car, but the extra cost is moderate and can be offset by fuel savings.