Remaining the best-selling SUV in its class in Europe 9 years after its launch, at a time when a vehicle is out of style after 5/6 years, is the achievement of the first XC60 of the name. Being Volvo's best-selling model, accounting for 30% of the brand's sales and nearly one million copies produced, is a second achievement. In other words, replacing the XC60 is crucial for the brand. Taking up the serious and solid design of the XC90, with a warm interior, new safety features and modern engines, the second generation of the XC60 is well on its way to winning this bet.

The pressure? I don't know who you are!

When Ford got rid of Volvo Cars and sold it to the Chinese Geely at the end of 2008, the oval brand had no idea that Volvo would significantly increase its sales, expand its range and quickly earn money. And that one of the cars that would be the main protagonists of this relaunch would be the XC60, which had just been introduced at the time. The XC60, the bestseller in the Volvo range and its category, has just been renewed at the Geneva Motor Show. And this second generation comes with confidence, without any pressure, keeping the qualities of the first generation, and taking over those of the big brother XC90. The result is stunningly consistent and rigorous. Volvo has nothing to envy from German premium brands in terms of perceived quality. And what about this interior, which confirms that the Swedish brand designs the most beautiful interiors of the moment.


Under the hood, the latest engines are available: 2.0L petrol (254 or 320 hp), 2.0L diesel (150, 190 or 235 hp) and the 407 hp hybrid solution. With the addition of a small 1.5L 3-cylinder engine soon to be fitted on entry-level versions.