You want to enjoy yourself by buying a sports car and you don't know where to start? Caroom unveils its best 2018 sports buying guide. You dream of driving a powerful car, feeling the horses under the accelerator pedal - It's normal, once you've tasted the performance it's hard to reverse. Only despite the advice collected here and there, everything depends on the use you plan to make of it: daily use, recreational, or sporting via track days... These are all uses that completely change the criteria that will be decisive. Here are the criteria that will be important for your choice.

Sports car, purchasing criteria

Price is the first choice criterion for most buyers, and it is quite simple to measure: how much money are you willing to invest for a sports car. The price range is wide and there are sportswomen ranging from a few thousand euros to several hundred thousand. The average value of the sportswomen presented is approximately 45,000 euros. Is your scholarship more modest? Don't worry, you can probably find what you are looking for.

For what use

Daily use

Would you like to buy a sports car for everyday life? There are many factors to consider. Storage, consumption and maintenance are criteria that will be very important in your choice.

Occasional / recreational use

If, on the other hand, you prefer to use it to travel the roads and experience the pleasure of driving your favourite places in an exceptional car, you can afford to make concessions on space. You will probably opt for a design that will not offer the same comfort to the rear passengers, but will give you full satisfaction in terms of performance and design.

Sports use

Do you want to drive your car on a track? Make the most of your car's performance? If you want to participate in track days, you will have to choose a suitable car, which will react appropriately at high speed, both in terms of acceleration, behaviour and braking system.


Depending on your use, you may need to pay attention to the consumption of your favourite product. And this is even more important if you plan to use it at high frequency. It is obvious that large cars consume more fuel than smaller passenger cars. And this can be felt when you go to the gas pump.

Power consumption

Power is inevitably a criterion of choice when deciding to acquire a sports car. This is the most important thing for most of us, but it is important not to neglect the quality of manufacture, handling and braking, which important criteria are and that we must not neglect the weight!