This is perhaps the most important advice regarding your vacation rental. There's Christmas compared to Thanksgiving, major festivals and summer events, in terms of excessive demand for rental cars. Family and friends are super busy, so getting picked up at the airport is complicated: hence the fact that car rental is so popular, as it allows you to visit several family members during your stay and also escape if you need to! And even though Airport rentals are a worldwide network of local and well-established brands, please don't assume there will be a vehicle available. Perhaps you need a specific vehicle for your trip? Do you travel with a large group? Do you plan outdoor activities and need to bring equipment, such as a picnic table? All of these things need to be considered, and the longer you postpone your reservation, the less likely you are to achieve the perfect rental. Also, with the considerable increase in the number of clients, prices are likely to increase and you wouldn't want to be left with a price out of your reach. Visit for more about car hire. For example Tasmania: as a small island, demand in Hobart is exceptional at Christmas; another example of a popular place for holiday rentals is Cape Town, South Africa. It's such an important time of year, with so many people waiting for everything to go well... Don't leave your car rental for the last one!

Check the weather forecast and find the ideal vehicle

Will you travel to sunnier climates on your rental holidays? Will the temperatures be warmer than usual? Well, whether it's Honolulu or Brisbane, think about the type of vehicle you'd like to rent while traveling outside your comfort zone. As a family, you may require an economy car upgrade and be prepared to spend a little more to have a premium or luxury option. Your comfort and air conditioning standards are important, and they are the key to keeping kids happy at Christmas: the less stress, the better. Or maybe you're traveling to a winter wonderland with too much snow and cooler conditions. In such a case, a vehicle equipped with special tires is essential for such an adventure. In the event of an accident, what equipment does your rental car have in its trunk? Remember, you may be transporting packages, luggage and gifts. Do you have enough space in your rental car? All of these questions can be answered by Airport Rentals' friendly customer service team - just ask.

Prevention is better than regret: get coverage

Don't ignore the fact that traveling during the holiday season is more dangerous than traveling at another time of year. The simple fact of having more vehicles on the road with an increase in alcohol consumption creates a peculiar mix. U.S. statistics show that auto accidents cost the U.S. public more than $100 billion each year.

Unknown roads and new neighbourhoods

Another reason to get coverage is that you will be traveling on unknown roads in your rental car. The side you'll be driving on: in China, Australia, New Zealand and the UK it's on the left, while in the US it's on the right. The unknown streets and corners are exciting, but they also demand respect: this applies especially if you drive through the rural area to spend time with loved ones. And the more rural you are, the more likely you are to find some cunning, and not so cunning, wild animal. Don't be under any illusions... they will appear in front of your car for rent. Deer are undoubtedly one of the most beautiful animals on the planet, but their mating and migration season runs from October to December. This means that these seemingly helpless creatures will be on the move, and insurance claims for collisions involving deer rise through the skies at Christmas. Don't take him by surprise!

You have a limited budget? Companies outside the airport can help you

One of the biggest advantages of Airport Rentals is that we offer a wide range of online car rental companies. We not only work with well-established companies, such as Budget or Hertz, but with other local companies around the world. These can sometimes be a cheaper option, although they may not have a warehouse or office precisely at the airport terminal; this means you will have to pick up your vehicle outside the airport. Once you arrive, call the rental company and they will come to pick you up or arrange a ride for you. If you have time and flexibility and want to save a good amount of money, this may be the option for you.

Compare prices at Christmas

Although getting something fast is perhaps the most important thing when booking a rental car at Christmas, also shop around for special offers.