The first generation of the 308 (2007) had two 4-door versions in China: the 308 Sedan and the 408, one longer coat. The second generation 308 (2013), called 308S in China, will also have two trunk versions. The 408 II was presented in 2014 (see this article), and Dongfeng-Peugeot is currently presenting the 308 II Sedan at the Beijing Motor Show. But what is the reason for the presence of these two models in the catalogue? First observation: this 308 II Sedan is rather pretty with a balanced design, which is not easy on a 4-door version that derives from a 5-door version. And it adopts some stylistic elements that will certainly soon be found on other models. The whole front face, quite aggressive, could indeed be on the facelift of the 308 II 5-door. As for the rear, we immediately notice this black band that unites the two rear lights. Some features are reminiscent of the Exalt concept car. In the end, the 308 II Sedan has more character than the 408 II.