In the automotive market, buyers often confine themselves to dealerships or sales between private individuals. However, it is possible to move away from the traditional scheme and turn to auctions. Why and how is it possible to buy a reliable and cheaper vehicle?

Buying your car at auction

People wrongly think that car auctions are reserved for a specific audience. Often, they are associated with the sales of rare and exceptional pieces. But, beyond the auction of classic cars, it is possible to find what you are looking for among several types of vehicles. From sedans to SUVs and small city cars, various models are on sale. The resurgence of furniture or real estate auctions on the Internet, being open to everyone, attracts all audiences, whether individuals or professionals.

Why buy your car at an online auction?

The main reason is the price. The vehicles come from police seizures, or from the resale of a fleet of car rental companies or dealers wishing to renew their fleet, or from the liquidation of stores. By using this purchase method, you can therefore make a substantial saving of 20 to 50%, as vehicles are subject to a significant discount on the Argus. Cars put up for auction are normally in very good condition and must have passed a recent roadworthiness test. Some models may also benefit from additional expertise from auctioneers. The latter have the duty to specify, at the time of sale, whether the vehicle has been involved in an accident or if it is the result of a theft. You can therefore be reassured about the general condition of the vehicle. If you are a vintage car enthusiast, you may well find the rare gem at vintage car auctions. The car auction is an opportunity to find very interesting opportunities and do great business, taking care to respect your initial budget.

How does the online car auction work?

The principle is the same as in an auction house in Ile de France or elsewhere. All you have to do is register on the auction house's website. With a username and password, you will have access to information about the vehicles for sale. Whether it is in an auction room or online, each vehicle must be displayed the day before or the morning of the auction opening. This is an opportunity for potential buyers to come and check for themselves the general condition of the cars (inside and out), and to start the engine. However, it is impossible to test them on the road. Buyers must be informed of all the details concerning the vehicles: the number of kilometres, the year of first entry into service, the engine, the options... As soon as the auction sale is opened by the auctioneer, you can make offers directly from your computer, taking care to keep control and respect your budget. As with a traditional auction, in the event of an auction, you must pay the amount awarded immediately, in cash, and you can leave with your new car on the same day. If the vehicle does not have a manufacturer's warranty, you can purchase a mechanical warranty from your insurance company. Once the sale has been completed, you will have no right of withdrawal and no recourse.