The use of the telephone while driving causes about one-tenth of fatal traffic accidents. This is a real scourge, which both law enforcement and insurers are working to contain. In the event of an accident, the use of the telephone is considered an aggravating circumstance and may encourage your car insurance to increase its penalties. All the details on the risks involved.

Implementation of the uninsured vehicle register

If you are waiting for a business or urgent personal call, and if you are on the move, it can sometimes be very tempting to answer the phone while driving. However, both your car insurance and the police can be particularly penalizing in the event of a breach. Indeed, behind the wheel, the telephone represents a significant danger: when you call, even in a hands-free kit, the reaction time in the event of danger is almost doubled; the distance covered during this reaction time is therefore much greater, which can have irreversible consequences. It is therefore logical that both law enforcement and car insurance companies should take measures to limit the damage. Road Safety therefore recommends that you follow some basic rules to avoid any type of problem: - If possible, it is recommended to turn off your mobile phone before driving. - When driving with a passenger, it is preferable to give them their mobile phone for answering calls and text messages. - Do not take advantage of a stop or red light to check or reply to messages; this bothers other users.

 The legal consequences of using a mobile phone

The Highway Code provides for severe penalties for mobile phone use while driving offending motorists are fined €135 and three points are deducted from their driving licence. It should be noted that this fine applies to drivers of all vehicles (two, three or four wheels), including non-motorized vehicles: cyclists are not spared by this measure. It should also be noted that it is not only motorists who hold their mobile phones in their hands: users of hands-free kits, for example, will be punished on the same basis. On the other hand, devices incorporating a blue tooth system will not be penalized. The legislation also spares devices integrated into motorcycle helmets, which are not worn by ear or held by hand.

What does your car insurance say?

If you cause an accident and hold a telephone in your hand at the time of the accident, this situation will be considered an aggravating circumstance by your car insurance. You will therefore be likely to incur a certain number of penalties: your car insurance is entitled to ask you to increase your premium, it may increase your penalty, and even simply terminate your car insurance premium. Please note: your car insurance can very easily use your mobile phone while driving to refuse reimbursement of expenses caused by the damage you have caused. This is something to make those who hesitate to answer a call think, even if it seems urgent... good road to all!