Jeep Compass (2nd generation)

Boosted by the Renegade’s world triumph, Jeep sees the future in pink and once again launches into the big bath of the compact SUVs. Once again, because the second Compass replaces a first generation with a dusty career, which will remain almost unknown on the European markets. But things have changed and the FCA group, which has rebuilt and upgraded the Jeep brand, is betting big and believes strongly in the success of the new Compass.

The second time is always better

The first generation of the Compass had an atypical career. Born in 2006 with a difficult physique and a low-quality finish, he was the embodiment of the debacle of the late DaimlerChrysler group in the United States. A real industrial accident, it was a failure both in the USA (its main market) and abroad.

When Fiat bought Chrysler, and therefore Jeep, in 2009, a completely revised version was presented the following year. So much so that it could have been a real novelty. Rarely has a facelift been so happy. And the customers realized it, as sales skyrocketed. In fact, last year, after a 10-year career, Compass had its best commercial year ever. Atypical, we tell you!

However, this rebirth has remained confined to the United States. In export, the 1st generation Compass has never made any sparks, neither in phase 1 nor in phase 2. This new generation, Jeep should not miss it, especially since the brand has been in an incredible dynamic for 3 years. The new Compass is expected to become a worldwide success, so it will be marketed in 100 countries, and gradually produced in 4 plants (Brazil, Mexico, Italy, China). Jeep wants to replicate the success of the small Renegade in the compact SUV category.

Moreover, from the Renegade, the Compass 2 takes up the platform, extended for the occasion. It also includes almost all its engines, both gasoline and diesel. In order to please as many people as possible, his style was intended to be consensual, but dynamic. Excess Cherokee was therefore prohibited in the specifications. The front end is clean and neat, with the traditional seven-bar grille and headlamps with little imagination outside their luminous signature. The front shield is reminiscent of the Great Cherokee. The profile is characterized by an upward movement from the rear window to the rear quarter, but above all by the chrome ring running along the roof and continuing to the bottom of the rear window. The rear part is at the limit of banality. But, in the end, the impression left is that of a great overall homogeneity.

So, how’s Compass 2, future bestseller? There’s a good chance. In Europe, for example, Renegade has made a significant contribution to Jeep’s sympathy capital and sales. Compass enters the SUV market

compact in full bloom with well-placed prices, a pleasant look and an interior like the latest Jeeps, i.e. properly built. For the first time, the FCA group (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) finally has a vehicle capable of fighting against the Qashqai, 3008, Kadjar, Kuga, Evoque, Tiguan, Sportage, Tucson, etc…

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