Since the end of 2017, the procedures relating to the registration certificate, better known as the car registration document, have been modified. There is no longer any need to go to the prefectures. From now on, everything happens online. While it is possible to be accompanied by a service provider to obtain a trailer registration, it is still important to know the steps to follow to obtain this precious sesame. This article tells you about it.

Step 1, complete the CERFA trailer registration application forms

New or used cars, motorcycles, scooters, all vehicles must have a registration card. Because it is an obligation, this document may be requested during a police check. His absence is generally sanctioned by a fine. Trailers are no exception to this rule. However, it should be noted that only trailers with a total laden weight exceeding 500 kg are subject to this obligation. Otherwise, the registration will be that of the vehicle towing it. Once this clarification has been made, the first step to obtain a registration card is to complete the corresponding CERFA form. Once it has been properly completed it must be printed and signed before being scanned. If it is a second-hand trailer, the CERFA 13754*02 form must also be completed. This is the declaration of transfer of the vehicle. If it is the seller's responsibility to complete it, it must be signed by both parties. It is one of the documents that must be included with your application.

Step 2, gather all the documents necessary for the car registration

CERFA forms are not enough to apply for a car registration. As explained on some mandatory documents must be attached to your request. In the case of a new trailer instead of the transfer certificate, an invoice must prove the purchase. If it is a second-hand trailer you will need in addition to the old trailer registration document and a non-pledge certificate. New or not, if the weight of your trailer exceeds 700 kilos, an insurance certificate must accompany your application for a vehicle registration document. As the procedures are the same as those of a conventional car except for roadworthiness tests, a proof of identity and a proof of residence dating back less than 6 months are also mandatory. All these documents will have to be scanned to be transmitted.

Step 3, the payment of the registration fees

The application for a car registration document is subject to the payment of a certain amount of money. Thus, to validate your car registration request online, the payment of fees must be made directly via the Internet. Depending on the service provider chosen, several means are available to you to do this. However, payment by credit card is recommended in order to benefit from faster processing times. Being secure, your information is not likely to be hacked. The total cost of the trailer registration consists of the amount of the tax horse and various additional costs. The amount of the tax horse varies from one region to another. Go to this page to find out which one applies to your community. As for other costs, it is necessary to provide 4 euros to finance the manufacture of the car registration documents and 2.76 euros to cover the cost of transport to the address indicated. The steps to make a trailer registration are simple. Once your request has been finalized and sent, it only takes a few days to receive your registration card at home.