When you want to buy a car, you often go to a car dealership. However, another solution exists, to call upon a car representative. An alternative that allows you to have access to a wider choice of cars (often several brands) and to benefit from certain exclusive advantages. Specialised agents are particularly interesting, because they provide you with the same guarantees as in a concession, but at more attractive prices. For lovers of sleek lines, elegant design and quality French construction, you can find what you are looking for at any Citroën representative. Among those offering the most attractive prices and services, auto-ici.fr is a reference.

Why choose a Citroën automotive representative?

The number one interest of a specialised agent, compared to a general agent, is that he benefits from a privileged partnership with the manufacturer in question. A Citroën representative, for example, presents a wide range of cars of this brand for all uses. City cars, sedans, estate cars, convertibles, minivans... All the choices are available. Better still, since a sign such as auto-ici.fr also offers several types of transactions:
  • traditional credit with corresponding guarantees
  • leasing with a purchase option
  • the classic takeover or cash without any obligation to purchase
A way to adapt to all profiles and all budgets. Among the models available, we can mention some of the must-have models such as the Citroën C4 Picasso, the Citroën C3 Aircross, the C5 COnfort, or the cars in the DS range... All tastes, all choices are thus represented.

Buy a new Citroën at the best price

In addition to the choice of vehicles, the other strength of a specialized agent lies in its prices, often the lowest on the market. The reason? It is the car importer who negotiates the price of his vehicles with the dealer beforehand. Thus, you can benefit from extremely high promotions on new models, without having to negotiate yourself with the brand's representatives. The share of a Citroën promotion can go up to 42% on new cars. An excellent way to make significant savings on the purchase of a vehicle, without sacrificing quality. At the purchasing power level, an agent also allows all its buyers to benefit from 100% covered preparation, availability, file and crisis card management costs.

An equivalent guarantee

Finally, the last little more than a Citroën specialist car dealer is simply to offer, despite its more attractive prices, the same level of guarantee as a dealer. This means that, even if you go through an automotive importer, you can, at the slightest technical problem, go to the nearest Citroën dealer and benefit from free repairs (if covered by the warranty). In addition, if you wish to have coverage extended beyond the European contractual guarantee, your agent can extend your insurance from 12 to 36 additional months. Let's recap. A Citroën representative allows you to benefit:
  • a wide choice of used models, new....
  • attractive prices and promotions (up to 42%)
  • varied financing systems adapted to the needs of buyers
  • an extensible dealer warranties
So, for all those who are looking for a cheap Citroën model, look at a representative. It's the best way to find the best deal.