The Shanghai show closed its doors last Friday. Overall uninteresting, as it is adapted to a Chinese market devoid of any automotive passion, this show nevertheless reserved some surprises for us, such as this Chevrolet coupé crossover concept car.

Crossover Camaro?

As soon as you look at the front of the FNR-X, you can't help but think of the Camaro. A stylish effect intended by Chevrolet for its sporty connotation. But the comparison ends there. Here there is no V8 or V6! Just a plug-in hybrid powerplant whose characteristics are kept secret. A little Camaro here, a little Lexus NX there, salient muscles, complex lines... And finally, a rather successful and homogeneous package for what strongly resembles a vehicle close to the series. It's a concept car, so all the common features of the genre are there: huge wheels, antagonistic doors, no middle foot, unnecessarily futuristic cabin, ultra-thin seats, and of course the sacrosanct autonomous driving! Other elements seem more concrete, such as the adaptive suspension, head-up vision with a 270° viewing angle, or two driving modes (Versatile or Sport). In addition to the hybrid engine, Chevrolet has demonstrated a certain ecological willingness, with active aerodynamics. This consists of deployable or closable flaps on the grille and rims. Front and rear spoilers are also mobile according to speed to promote fuel economy. FNR means "Find New Roads". This is quite sordid when you consider that, if it were ever to be produced, it would remain confined to the Chinese market. Developed by PATAC (Pan Asia Technical Automotive Centre, the joint design office of General Motors and its partner SAIC in China), this concept car is clearly visible in the Chinese Chevrolet range. But marketing in the USA seems to be ruled out. Not to mention Europe, where General Motors has sold Opel/Vauxhall to PSA, and where Chevrolet now sells only a handful of Camaros and Corvettes in an infinitely small network, unworthy of the world's third largest automotive group.