If there is one thing that any car driver fears most, it is that the car will break down when it is most needed. In fact, all vehicles must be regularly maintained. And the clutch kit, the central system on which all the car's engine mechanisms depend, requires special attention. Here you can find advice from professionals on how to take good care of your clutch kit.

The clutch kit: why is it so important to take care of it?

Clutch kit Did you know? The clutch is one of the most important systems involved in the operation of a car. Located between the engine and the gearbox, it makes the link between the engine and the wheels, through the transmission. This position exposes it to a lot of traction and makes it a very wear-sensitive system, which is why it requires regular maintenance. By going to a specialized site, you can learn everything about the clutch kit. But already, remember that auto mechanics professionals believe that you should change your clutch system every 15,000 km. This ensures the integrity of the driving system and avoids situations such as power loss from the car, difficulties during a gear change or abnormal hardening of the clutch pedal. Before reaching 15,000 km, you must properly maintain this set of parts.

Taking care of your clutch kit: how to proceed?

Given its function, the clutch kit wears out relatively quickly. However, its lifespan can be extended depending on the maintenance you provide. Here are some tips to keep your clutch system in good condition for a long time. - Be careful with the clutch pedal When driving, keeping your foot on the clutch pedal increases the risk of slipping on the clutch discs. This behaviour should therefore be avoided. - Be careful with gear changes Analyse your car perfectly to understand it and when you need to change gears. Finding the right time to do so is essential. As mentioned on the mistergoodman.fr website, this will help to reduce the wear and tear on your clutch kit. - Be temperate when starting the car Each movement, each acceleration requires the intervention of the clutch system. When starting, the vehicle takes time to emerge, since it was at rest. So, avoid rushing it by accelerating too fast. - Return to neutral when stopping Whether in a traffic jam, a fire or during an occasional stop, returning to neutral is very useful. This allows the clutch to rest, even if it is only for a few seconds. It will be a few seconds to save on its lifetime. - Use the hand brake When parked, use the hand brake instead of the clutch kit to keep your car stationary. - Do not use the gearbox instead of the brakes Some drivers use their gearbox instead of brakes to slow down. This widespread practice is certainly effective but wears out the clutch system more than the brake, which is cheaper to replace. In the end, there is no miracle way to maintain your clutch system. To optimize its use and make it last longer, you should therefore only use it when you need it.  By applying its various tricks, you will keep your car in good working order and full of power, thanks to a clutch kit that is always efficient. In addition, a complete overhaul of your car at your manufacturer is also recommended.