In preparation for your ski holiday, you gather all the clothes and equipment you will need to get down the slopes. But before you load everything into your car, have you thought about doing your car maintenance? A step not to be neglected to avoid many inconveniences!

An essential car maintenance

Revision of your car when you go skiing, you will drive hundreds of kilometres before reaching your destination and your car will have to face weather conditions with snow and cold. The maintenance of your car before leaving makes it possible to check that it is ready for this in order to minimize the risk of breakdown. A complete revision of this one is therefore necessary. A good car maintenance should include the following checks: - The functioning of the fires. The latter include adjusting according to the load. All lighting, including bulbs, pilot lights and codes, should be checked. - The operation of the indicators. - The heating system is going to be cold so you will need it. - The good condition of the battery to prevent it from discharging and preventing you from driving during your stay. - Checking levels for oil, coolant and brake fluid. It is advisable to carry out this car maintenance step on a very full field and when it is cold. A full car maintenance will prevent you from breaking down and ruining your holiday. Defective or obsolete parts will be replaced, and this also allows you to drive safely.

Consider changing your tires

With the classic car maintenance operations done, you also need to think about changing your tires. It is strongly recommended to have snow tires if you want to reach the ski slopes without any problems, if necessary, 4-season tires. These models are presented to you on In addition, your tires will be more stressed than in everyday life. In your car maintenance before departure, you should plan to check the condition and pressure but also regularly during your holiday. It is recommended to over-inflate only if you are in a warmer place than outdoors and by 0.1 bar for 10 °C. In addition, also provide chains in your trunk as access to some stations can be complicated. Do not hesitate to do some training before leaving because it is not always easy to set them up.

Windshield and wipers

Good car maintenance before a ski trip also includes windshield and wipers. You must be able to have maximum visibility. This means that your wipers must clear rain and snow properly and your windshield must not have an impact. Finally, for your ski holiday, in addition to an impeccable car maintenance, you will need to have a set of accessories to be able to respond to all situations related to snow and cold. Click here for a list of the accessories you need.