What is the basic maintenance to do on your car?

Published on : 01 November 20193 min reading time

Everything about the routine maintenance of your car: prevention is better than cure… A principle that also applies to your vehicle! Maintaining your car is essential for its proper functioning but also for your safety. Feu Vert provides you with a summary of the essentials of car maintenance.

– make the levels: this consists of checking and toping up, if necessary, all the fluids under the hood of your car: windshield washer, coolant, oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid

– change wiper blades:

– change headlight bulbs: it is mandatory to have a box of bulbs in your car.

– Clean air conditioning system: the best thing to do is to do it once a year or if you notice bad smells in the passenger compartment when you turn on the air conditioning.

– Check tire pressure: Unless you have nitrogen-filled tires (recognizable by their green valve), it is recommended to check the tire pressure once a month.

– changing a wheel: whether it is when switching to seasonal tires or in case of a flat tire, you can change a wheel quite easily.

– drain this is the first level 2 operation you can do. Check the maintenance logbook for the frequency with which this should be done.

car oil change tutorial

– change discs and brake pads: recommended every 30,000 km on average, depending on your driving style

– check battery current and change a battery: the battery check is best done in the fall using a multimeter

– change the spark plugs: every 45,000 km on average – for this operation, it is very important to have the right tools so as not to damage the spark plugs

– change gearbox oil: there are no recommendations on this point, some say it is not necessary to change it.

– change brake fluid: every 30,000 km on average – it is an operation that can be risky if the bleeding is done incorrectly, so do not hesitate to get help from someone competent – change cabin filter: do it once a year, especially if you drive a lot in town

– change air filter: depending on the type of car, it can take from a few seconds to a few minutes;)

– change oil filter: the oil filter is changed when changing the oil, the difficulty lies essentially in the ease of access or not to the filter

– diesel filter: to be changed every 20 000 km – the most delicate part will be for priming the new filter

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